3 Research-Based Benefits of Music for Mom and Baby (Number 3 is Surprising)

At one point in your pregnant life, you might have heard that you should let your baby listen to classical music while in the womb.

According to these self-proclaimed experts in child development, you should put headphones over your belly, listen to Mozart, and watch as your baby transforms into Albert Einstein when she comes out.

Well, it might have been true for some kids but not for everyone. In fact, scientifically approved experts warn against putting headphones over your belly because it may overstimulate your unborn child.

Inside the womb, fetuses can already hear the sound and noise out of her own little world. Placing headphones closer to her via your belly is no longer a good idea.

What then are the real benefits of music for mom and baby? Here are three of them (and they’re research-based too!).


1./ Ultimate Stress Reliever​

Having a little bundle of joy grow inside of you is definitely one of the best feelings in the world only mothers can understand. But admittedly, it can be one of the most stressful, too.

The first trimester is mostly spent vomiting and looking for food no chef has ever thought of.

The second semester is focused on looking for new clothes that fit. The last of course is spent on finding the only position that allows you to sleep and fretting on false alarms and actual labor symptoms.

But thank goodness for music gods and the compositions that help free mothers from pregnancy stresses.

Through listening to music that we like, our happy hormones are released, and they fight off the enemy—stress. And when a preggy mommy is stress-free, the baby feels it, resulting in healthier newborns.

Did you know? Babies whose moms were stressed a lot during pregnancy are highly susceptible to being born prematurely and having cognitive and behavioral problems. So, mommies, avoid getting stressed any time you can. Listen to soothing music once you feel you are feeling tension.​

2./ Perfect Sleep Inducer​

A sleeping baby is a mom’s heaven. All the sleepless nights before and just after giving birth are really tiresome, and moms need a lot of rest to recover.

Fortunately, when the music gods designed music, they included “sleep inducer” as one of its features. You just have to find the perfect lullaby that can surely send your little ones to the dreamland. Then you, moms, can also sleep to the same tune and enjoy the rest that you deserve.

Did you know? Babies who get optimum sleep gain weight faster. Probably because when they are sung to, they improve their feeding behaviors.

Also, in some observations done in neonatal intensive care units, premature babies who were exposed to appropriate music had more stabilized pulses, oxygen saturations, and blood pressures. So expose your babies to music as needed, mommies!​

3./ Best Social and Communication Skills Trainer​

Social and communication skills training for babies? Yes, children as young as one can be sociable and communicative compared to others their age if they are exposed to early musical training.

Before, we taught that only older kids could be trained in music and have academic and social benefits, but recent studies have proved that it is beneficial for babies too.

These studies observed two sets of babies. One was involved in active and interactive music creation such as playing instruments and singing songs. The other passively listened to music played in the background while they play with toys.

The results showed that the first group of babies is more sensitive to pitch structure in music, better at early communication skills such as using gestures to express themselves, and easier to befriend in general as they smile more and are less distressed.

Did you know? Newborn babies can already distinguish their mother’s native tongue from a foreign language. In a study conducted by researchers, babies start learning even when they’re still inside the womb.​

The language their moms use becomes familiar even after being born. Hence, they respond more to verbal interactions in the mother tongue. So, parents, choose music that is in your native language as the first set of songs you will let them listen to.


Having babies is one of the world’s greatest miracles. But along with the joy you feel comes hardships and battles you have to face.

But remember that you are also gifted with so many armors to fight these battles. Parenting sites such as wellbeingkid offer practical tips for mommies. Also, there is music--a priceless present.

However, bear in mind that music should be used properly. If babies are too exposed to music, they may be overstimulated and may be fussy at night. This is not good for them nor the mommies and daddies.

So make sure that you let them listen to music at a controlled volume, ideally 50 dB; cover their ears when the neighbors are playing music too loud, preferably with noise-cancelling headphones; and listen to the music with them once you have found the best glider so that you can control the length of time they are exposed to these harmonies.

What other benefits did you experience with your babies? Let me know in the comments below.

Erin Taylor

Chief editor of YouthTune, a music adventurer. I love learning about music and audio devices, which I eventually share with others so that they too can go on exploring the melodious world of music.

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