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If you’re like me who sees watching movies at home as part of a weekly routine, you may have noticed that our TV’s speakers are not enough to complete our viewing experience. There have probably been countless times when you didn’t understand what the actors were saying.

But thanks to technology nowadays, there are many different gadgets that could provide us a better listening experience. One of which is the soundbar. But before you worry about the hole it can create in your pocket, look at my list below for the best soundbar under 200.

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Choosing a Soundbar​

As the old adage goes, “look before you jump,” in choosing a soundbar and any other product for that matter, it is important to do a little bit, or even a comprehensive research before your purchase.

This will save you a lot of headache and regrets especially when you happen to buy something that falls short of your expectation.

Looking for vital information about the product, like the best brand, price and, specifications will  give you a better view of what you are to expect from it.

​So, what are the things that you should consider before buying a soundbar? I’ve listed here items to name a few.

​1./ Budget

Money, sadly, can control our choices sometimes. The good thing is there are a lot of soundbars under 200 which offer the quality and performance that you are looking for.

A search on the Internet or an inquiry on some soundbar stores will give you a rundown of what kind or brand of soundbars falls under 200.

2./ Sound​

You are upgrading your TV speakers; hence, it indispensible that your sound bar should actually sound better than your speakers. What’s the point of buying a sound bar if it sounds just like the built-in speakers, right?

Our Pick

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers PSBV210WIFI

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers - PSBV210WIFI

3./ Design​

As mentioned in my other article, there are different soundbar designs like the tabletop, which is placed in front of the TV.

Some tabletop ones also come with a hole for wall mounting. This is good if your TV is wall mounted as well or you don’t have enough space on the stand.

Another design is one that can be placed under the TV, also called the soundbase.

4./ Specifications​

You should know what comes with the soundbar. It has to include a remote, of course. You wouldn’t want to get off the couch every time the volume needs adjusting, would you?

You also have to consider the number of drivers and the type—active or passive. Knowing these will help you decide if you need peripheral devices or not. Size is another factor you have to look into. You need to ensure the space where you will place it can accommodate your speakers properly.

Another feature you may want to look for is volume control. Yes, every sound bar has a control for volume, but there are sound bars that can level the volume for changing scenes, for example, TV shows and commercial breaks.​

5./ Connectivity​

You must check what the connections are available for each soundbar. The basic ones are of course RCA and HDMI. But you may want to get one that has wireless connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi because who doesn’t have them these days?

Aside from the convenience of easy connection between devices, going wireless is yes, wireless. You’ll save yourself from hooking up wires every now and then and from getting the eyesore due to dangling and cluttered cables.

​Advantages of a soundbar

Still unsure if you’re getting a soundbar? Here are some advantages you would want to mull over:

  • A soundbar is great especially for limited spaces, which could not accommodate a full surround system.
  • They are generally cheaper compared to surround system setup.
  • They are easier to set up and are compatible with different devices. They could be used with other gadgets such as tablets and mobile phone.
  • They are generally lightweight and you could easily transfer them from one place to another if needed.

Best Soundbars Under $200

​You’ve reached this part, so you are probably convinced you are getting a soundbar. Well, you’re making the right decision.

How do you know these are the best soundbars? To put it simply, I am like you. I am an audio junkie and I only want what’s best for my money. So, I scoured the Internet for some reviews. Asked tons of audiophiles for opinions. And visited stores myself to listen to these devices first hand.

And after the long quest for information, I finally put my top 5 the best soundbars under 200. And here they are, along with their pros and cons:

1./ VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
Quality 90%
Specs 90%
Design 90%
Price 95%
90 /100 Our Rating

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  • Produces crisp sound that is just enough to fill a room up to 100 decibels.
  • Has competitive design despite not made of high-end materials.
  • Comes with wireless sub.
  • Comes with a remote control.
  • Dolby and DTS audio technology.


  • Produces a thin sound that’s lacking in mid-range.
  • The high volume is too high which often results in sibilance.
  • Quite tricky in terms of getting the right bass and treble since you need to get the accurate adjustments before achieving the desires sound quality.
  • There are observed static noise on the background.
  • No additional output for other speakers.

2./ ZVOX SoundBase 350 24"Sound Bar

ZVOX SoundBase 350
Quality 94%
Specs 90%
Design 92%
Price 95%
94 /100 Our Rating

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  • Placed under the hence it doesn’t block the TV’s remote sensor.
  • Easy to install.
  • May be used with a computer system.
  • Has AccuVoice that delivers clearer dialogues.
  • aptX enabled for high quality audio streaming.
  • Enclosure is made of MDF for a sturdier build.
  • Has bi amplification.
  • No need to purchase external amplifiers and subwoofers.


  • No HDMI connectivity.
  • No DTS processor.
  • Not as powerful as the bigger counterparts.

3./ Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar
Quality 88%
Specs 90%
Design 88%
Price 90%
88 /100 Our Rating



  • Delivers almost theater-quality sound which is crisp and clear.
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • The audio remote app lets you control the device using your cellphone so, there’s no problem in case remote control acts up.


  • Not compatible with all the devices.
  • Subwoofer is not wireless, giving you an additional cord to sort out.

4./ Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar
Quality 94%
Specs 93%
Design 90%
Price 90%
94 /100 Our Rating



  • Has Dolby Virtual Speaker that creates virtual surround sound.
  • Has aptX codec for high-quality Bluetooth streaming.
  • Equipped with NFC so you could use NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.
  • Has relatively one of the best undistorted bass.
  • Simple and easy set up.


  • No remote.
  • Lacks connectivity options such as HDMI.

5./ Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers - Sound Base - 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers - Sound Base - 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker System
Quality 88%
Specs 90%
Design 90%
Price 94%
90 /100 Our Rating



  • USB and SD memory card lets you listen to your saved files directly
  • FM radio inclusion gives you an alternative music outlet.
  • Works with almost all of your favorite devices through its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Delivers an impressive bass sound.
  • With super easy to use features and set up.
  • Generates a vivid 3D sound.


  • Bigger than most soundbars.
  • Maximum volume is too loud.


​All these five choices are actually winners for me, but if I had to choose one, it would be the last in the list: Pyle WiFi sound bar speakers. Design-wise, it’s sleek. Sound-wise, it’s vivid. Specifications, it’s complete with LCD display, control center, and FM! Connectivity? Even better. It’s the only contender that supports USB and SD card reading.

Buying soundbars could be very easy with the presence of many brands in the market. Every soundbar is unique and when you make a purchase, be sure that it will match your own needs and preferences to avoid further regrets.

Think 200 is too much for you? Check out the best soundbars under 100.​

Thoughts? Let us know through comments. Like it? Let the world know: share!​

Erin Taylor

Chief editor of YouthTune, a music adventurer. I love learning about music and audio devices, which I eventually share with others so that they too can go on exploring the melodious world of music.

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