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Boost Your Audio with the Best 6.5 Inch Component Speakers

Now that you know the reasons why you should upgrade your speakers, you cannot just grab any speakers and install them right into your car. It is a prerequisite to conducting an extensive performance evaluation of your audio system before you proceed to the next step.

Once you have done this simple test, you will be able to know what size of speakers you need, what type (component or coaxial), what upgrades apply to your audio, and which speakers you should buy. You’ll also know if you need to replace your old speakers.

6.5 inch and 6x9 speakers are the most common speaker sizes, but they do differ a lot in overall performance. A lot of users prefer these speakers, though, but you still have to check what size your vehicle requires.

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American Bass XFL 1544 Review

Bass is not meant to be heard; it’s created to be felt.

This is what I learned from a good friend who made it a life to learn about sound and music.

If partying with a huge crowd is your thing, feeling the bass is even more important. When all attendees have their chest thumping, you know you have the right subwoofer.

But you probably noticed that 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers are not enough to make the participants feel these very low frequencies. This is where the 15-inch subwoofer comes in.​

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The Best 6×9 Speakers You Need to Buy Now

One of the major factors to consider before buying a set of speakers for your vehicle is the size. It is vital to determine what size of speakers are suitable for your vehicle. Mine requires 6x9 speakers and so I started finding the best ones on the market.

The choices are overwhelming, as usual. Each and every set of 6x9 speakers offers stunning features that could be a great upgrade for my audio. However, as I have browsed all the online and physical stores, I was able to sort out which ones are excellent and budget-friendly from the ones that are just crappy and a total waste of money.

As you keep on reading this article, you’ll see the reliable reviews for the top five (5) 6x9 speakers that stand out and those that do not.

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