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PHOTIVE PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

When you have got nice wireless earphones, but somehow felt not satisfied with it, you go and look for much better earphones. I have felt the same way. That is why I marveled all through the dashing lists of the best wireless or Bluetooth earphones to look for the excellent ones.

I stumbled upon, actually by a friend’s recommendation, the Photive PH-BTE70 Bluetooth earbuds and found the features quite interesting. I have always wanted a great pair of earphones that I can use for working out, when I am out in a café or park or whenever I just feel like listening to music.

So I gave these earbuds a shot and tried them on. Pretty impressive, though. But still want to what the best features are? I would be glad to let you know. Keep on reading!

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Phaiser BHS-730 Reviews: What’s Good and What’s Not

I have been into Bluetooth headphones lately. Truly, they are not as cheap as the other brands or the wired headphones, but they stand out because of their overall performance. Since they are wireless, I found them quite practical when I take my workout routines or whenever I need to take a call while driving.

The list of the available Bluetooth headphones on the market is overwhelming. So, finding the best pair might get a little challenging. I have tried and compared some popular brands, such as Jaybird X2 and Powerbeats2 by Beats, and their performances have been commendable and spectacular, but the price tags were over the top.

I have kept on searching and found some of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones and the Phaiser BHS-730 is one of the best buys.

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Jaybird X2 vs Powerbeats2: Which wireless headphones are better?

I get up early in the morning to start my exercise routines but I never take off without my music. Working out is definitely enjoyable when you get to match your moves along with the beat and rhythm! Fun, isn’t it? And listening to music is way better when you’ve got great wireless headphones. So when Jaybird and Beats by Dr. Dre released their Bluetooth headphones, I didn’t know which to choose!

​Both headphones offer impeccable sound quality and it is like living in your world of music. I’ve tried Beats and have been a huge fan of their Powerbeats line since then. The Powerbeats2 headphones are something worth spending your money for. But when I gave Jaybird headphones a chance and bought a pair, right then, I knew Beats finally found its match. Jaybird X2 is one hell of competition!

We’ve jotted the major points between the Powerbeats2 and Jaybird X2 for a more detailed comparison.

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How To Clean Earphones in Unusual yet Effective Ways

Which of these apply to you?

  • You use earphones at least one hour daily.
  • You use earphones when jogging/exercising.
  • You use earphones when it’s hot.
  • You use earphones without cleaning your ears first.
  • You use earphones. Period.

If any of the above applies to you, you have to know how to clean earphones. Yes, they actually need some polishing, disinfecting, occasional light scrubbing.


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Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: Their Pros and Cons

Because of the emergence of modern communication, we now have numerous products and gadgets to complement the latest advancements in the technological field.

Communication has taken to new heights through the presence of the Internet and innovative gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, and computers. One of the products that complement this revolutionized communication is the headphone.

We usually regard headphones as something that is usually used in talking with other people at the other end of the Internet.

But headphones these days are not just for Skype calls. They have become part of our entertainment life.

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