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Driving and Music: When Concentration and Creativity Collide

I think we all agree that driving and music go together like mac and cheese or Hansel and Gretel. We just can’t imagine ourselves driving with our radios off. Not even in our dreams. That’s a nightmare.

But did you know you shouldn’t listen to any music you want?

Yes, you read that right. You can’t just pop in any CD and turn the volume all the way up while belting the incorrect words and expect yourself to be an alert driver.


In fact, study after study has revealed that you cannot listen to any music you want when driving. Yes, it helps keep you awake. But, it’s also downright distracting.Why?

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The Benefits of Playing Guitar That You Didn’t Know

If you check out all the famous guitarists, you will find that they are good at what they do as it is what they like. It is also not just about liking the guitar, as it also some additional benefits that those who do not play it would not understand. Well, what are these benefits that you could start enjoying the moment you pick up a guitar?

1./ Help Raise the Mood in a Room​

There is no doubt that music is important for keeping people happy. It is the reason that you would be encouraged to listen to smooth music if you are depressed. The guitars are important as musical instruments for raising the mood in any situation. Simply start playing and you would see many people responding positively to it.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Trap Music

If you’re a frequent club goer, you’ve probably noticed the evolution of the music you and your friends dance to. From the noble court dances, to the disco, to the widely varied electronic dance music we commonly hear today.

Among the plethora of EDM that’s recently been gaining popularity is trap music. Who would ever forget Baauer’s Harlem Shake that made even NBA’s Miami Heat dance?

But what is trap music?

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5 Amazing Reasons Music is the Best Gift To Humans

Have you ever watched a full movie without any music in it? I’d bet you haven’t. I don’t think there are filmmakers in their right mind who would do that.

Horror movies are twice as scary because aside from the sound effects, there is this creepy music in the background while the villain is slowly walking to the unknowing victim.

Sad movies make us sadder because of the songs that play when the actors cry.

But there is more to music than making films more exciting. Over and over again, authors have written about the several benefits of music.

Which is why the more I get old, the more I believe music is the best gift for us. And it is what I am sharing with you in this article.

This article is divided into two parts. In part one, I will enumerate the benefits of listening to music. In part two, I will list down tips and how-tos to get the most out of it. Plus, there’s a bonus part of how you can download music for free.​

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Venturing to Classical Music: Interesting Facts You Need to Know

When you hear about Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Haydn, what flickers in your mind? Definitely, classical music. Classical music has been a significant part of the world’s music. No doubt, most of the finest classical musicians and composers today have given much credit to the classical music that had quite awaken a whole new era back in the days.

If you have got a good ear for classical music, you are probably wondering what makes it so soulful and beautiful. Such interest sparks within you and you just want to know what’s all behind it. Hence, what really is classical music?

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