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KENWOOD DDX372BT Review: The Best Features You Should Know

If you’d ask me which touchscreen stereo ranks first in my list, I’d probably have a tough time choosing which one really stands out. I’ve had a lot of favorites but the brand that never gets crossed out of my list is Kenwood. You might have come across my review for the Kenwood DPX501BT 2-din receiver which is one of the most promising stereos among the basics.

When I had my take on the basic features of Kenwood DPX501BT, I knew I had to try Kenwood DDX372BT touchscreen stereo to check out more advanced functions. I was first impressed with the sleek and elegant design and the accessibility of the interface.

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Infinity Reference 1262w 12-Inch Subwoofer Review

When you’ve got your car installed with premium component speakers to enjoy your music and all, it would not seem to be a problem. But if you adore jazz, hip-hop and rock music like me, a little boost on the bass would be a great idea! That’s when you need subwoofers.

Infinity is among the well-known subwoofer brands on the market. Actually, I have got a pair of subwoofers installed in my other car. The Infinity Reference 1262w is the one I’ve got and I could say, a total beast! These 12-inch subwoofers will definitely blow you away (and your windows too if you turn it up more!).

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Kenwood DPX501BT Review: Is this 2-Din Receiver Worth Your Money?

I’ve got a number of double din receivers installed then replaced eventually. It’s time-consuming and expensive to have them replaced every now and then. But I guess it is really necessary because they wear out over time and the technology goes further. I need to go within the flow. However, there’s one double din receiver I can’t let go despite the upgrades of most receivers – Kenwood DPX501BT.

The Kenwood DPX501BT could be a little off from the more high-end versions but it retains the quality that can last for long periods of time. I’ve had mine for almost three years and still works perfectly! So I’d like to go each and every detail and let you know how it worked.

Want to know if the Kenwood DPX501BT is a great buy? Keep reading!

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Jensen VX7020 Vs Jensen VX7022: Which Touch Screen Car Stereo Should You Install?

Driving through the outskirts of the city won’t be just like any usual and monotonous drive with great quality music in your stereo. Aside from that, you’d be unlikely to get lost with the route you are taking if you have a reliable GPS navigation system. Not to mention, a touchscreen display would be a big plus!

So when I had my hands on the Jensen VX7020 and Jensen VX7022 touchscreen multimedia receivers, I was blown away by their outstanding features. For an affordable price, these Jensen stereos are equipped with functional attributes that could meet your standards.

But, of course, one always works better than the other. If you’ve read my previous article about the best touchscreen car stereo, you’ll see the detailed comparison I did for some multimedia receivers that worked well and those that don’t. So if you want to know how the performance between the Jensen VX7020 and Jensen VX7022 turn out, keep on reading!

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Power Acoustik Mofo 12 Vs Power Acoustik Mofo 15: Which Subwoofer Suits You Best?

There could be times when you feel like your car audio system isn't enough and needs a little push. Upgrading is the key but you've got to be extra careful which audio equipment you should add. If the lows on your speakers are what you need to enhance, subwoofers would be a perfect choice.

Determining which subwoofers to use can be an uphill task. Unless you rigorously read how to choose the best subwoofer, you'll drown yourself from overwhelming choices on the market. It's quite tough. Believe me, I've been there.​

However, to help you narrow down the options, today I've got two subwoofers that I found superb – Power Acoustik Mofo 12 and Power Acoustik Mofo 15. But, which subwoofer should you get?​

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