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What is a Preamp and Should You Buy One?

Are you getting bored of the low quality of your sound system? Do you need a boost to give your music system an electrifying, crispier and clearer sound? A preamp is definitely what you’re looking for.

If your sound system is not giving you the kind of sound that you are expecting, worry not. You don’t have to replace it. Instead, opt to get an amplifying system that will take care of your problem.

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How to Tune an Amplifier in Just Five Minutes

Tune an amplifier? Isn’t an amplifier ‘tuneless’”? You might wonder. Technically speaking, yes. An amplifier doesn’t have a tune.

Nevertheless, you have to tune or adjust it so your sound source, speakers (and subs), and amp can perform to its fullest potential.

Knowing how to tune an amplifier also ensures that your amplifier produces the correct power for the speakers.

It also makes sure the gain control matches the source unit. Through tuning, you are prolonging your gadgets’ life because none gets overworked.

You wouldn’t want a mediocre sound system, would you?

This tutorial will teach you to adjust your gains, frequency, and bass in just five minutes.​

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What is a Phono Preamp and Why is it Important?

When I was just a neophyte in the turntable world, almost everything about it is Greek to me. I was searching for information about turntables and its parts, but I had a hard time understanding specifically what they meant.

Hence, owning my first turntable did not go as harmoniously as I expected. And a phono preamp was one of the parts I undermined!

This is why I decided to write up this article—to lessen your burden of going from one site (and dictionary) to another. I am writing this the simplest way I can.

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