Crosley Record Player Reviews 2017: Who’s the Best Sounding of them All?

If you think that vinyl record players, like the Crosley Record Player, is a thing of the past, think again. They’re still a hit up to his this day and technology has made a way to revolutionize this piece of music icon that’s been a hit for the past decades.

These classic turntables come in retro suitcase-like designs that you can take anywhere. It has built-in stereo speakers and amplification packed in a ready-to-go and lightweight briefcase. These charmers will definitely take you back to the golden age of vinyl music playing.

But before I dive into the Crosley record player reviews, let me give you first a list of what to look for in the record player.

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Things to Consider in Buying a Crosley Record Player

Okay, so you really wanted to go retro and own one of Crosley’s turntable collections? There are a few things though that you might want to consider and research about before heading to the music store to make your purchase.​

turntable path

1./ Basic turntable facts

​You must be familiar first with how a turntable works to see if it really fits your taste.

Although it doesn't need a genius to acquire basic facts about turntables, it is still advisable to understand its basics, so you know what to expect when you already make your purchase.

Among the basic parts of the turntable are the following:

  • Plinth. It is the base that supports everything in the turntable. It could be made of wood, metal or plastic.
  • The platter. It refers to the rotating component, which is usually powered by a motor. This is where the vinyl is put for playing.
  • Tonearm. It is where the needle is attached which provides contact with the vinyl.
  • Stylus. This refers to the needle or the pin being put into contact with the vinyl to produce the music.

2./ Price

​Another thing to consider is the price to determine whether it fits your budget or if it is way too much. Turntable players usually range from less than $100 to as much as $500 or even higher.

3./ Specifications​

Modern turntables, like the Crosley, offer various features aside from merely playing music. These features will help you determine what you like to have on your record player. Among these specifications include:

Design record player
  • USB Port – There are turntables that have USB ports, which will allow you to easily transfer music to other devices such as your computer.
  • Automatic and Manual – If you are the type who does not want some complexities, you can opt for the automatic turntable instead of the manual type. The latter requires you to put the needle on and off unto the vinyl.
  • Upgradeability  You should know if your turntable has upgrade options for future configuration. Also take the time to check if some of their parts are replaceable, like the cartridge or the stylus, the tone arm, the slim mats, etc. This will help you acquire knowledge on how to deal with your turntable just in case some of its parts have gone badly.
  • Design – One thing more that you must consider is the design. Although Crosley’s turntables look similar to each other and have that briefcase-look, there are still designs that convey some sense of style and sophistication. Some of the turntables are classic in form, while some look modern and sophisticated. Choose the style that matches your individuality.

4./ Design

One thing more that you must consider is the design. Although Crosley’s turntables look similar to each other and have that briefcase-look, there are still designs that convey some sense of style and sophistication. Some of the turntables are classic in form, while some look modern and sophisticated. Choose the style that matches your individuality.

Crosley Record Player Reviews

1./ Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable

Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable

​This model’s appearance looks like it was taken straight from the golden vinyl age. It has a simple function and a minimalistic design. It is belt-driven and usually plays at 33 ½, 45 and 78 rpm.

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Quality 80%
Specs 85%
Design 100%
Price 95%
88 /100 Our Rating


  • Has a USB port compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Has built-in software for audio ripping and editing.
  • Best for the retro-type individuals.
  • Belt driven.
  • Can play 3 speeds.
  • With full range speakers.
  • Has auxiliary input, RCA audio output, and headphone jack.


  • Operates manually which is not suited for those who opt for an automatic player.
  • Quite expensive compared to other turntables.
  • With loud sound but it muffles and becomes tinny when tuned up.

2./ Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable

Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable

This model is very compact and plays at 33 ½, 45 and 78 RPM records. It contains a ceramic cartridge and uses a diamond-tipped stylus.

Quality 75%
Specs 80%
Design 85%
Price 90%
80 /100 Our Rating


  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • Affordable compared to other Crosley turntables.
  • Compact and could be taken anywhere.
  • Plays 3 speeds.
  • Has full range dynamic speakers.
  • Has AC power adapter.
  • Has headphone jack and RCA output.
  • Portable Audio Ready.
  • Elegant vinyl cover.


  • Built-in speaker volume is weak.
  • Comes with 110 V AC and needed power transformer to be used for 220V.
  • Does not run on batteries like any other turntables.

3./ Crosley CR6233A-RE Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable

Crosley CR6233A-RE Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable

Crosley brought back to life Dansette record player from the 60s. Although the player is somewhat retro in design, this fits well in the modern setting since Crosley infused some bit of modernity into Dansette. This model is not the typical briefcase-style turntable since the player sits on four-legged frame, making it stand on its own without the need for a piece of furniture to hold it. But the four legs are also detachable, and the player set could be converted into traditional turntable. It could play records from 33 ½ and 45 RPM.

Quality 90%
Specs 85%
Design 95%
Price 90%
90 /100 Our Rating


  • With eye-catching design. Its four-legged frame does not require additional fixtures to hold it in place around the house since it could stand on its own.
  • With auxiliary jack that could connect to mp3 player, phone, and computer.
  • With dynamic full range speakers.
  • Has function select.
  • Plays 3 record sizes: 7”, 10”, and 12”.
  • With sturdy casing.


  • Weak bass.
  • Has high tracking force.

4./ Crosley CR6019A-RE Executive Portable USB Turntable

Crosley CR6019A-RE Executive Portable USB Turntable

This turntable is belt-driven and plays at 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. It has fully automatic tonearm and comes with auxiliary input, RCA audio out and USB that could be connected to other devices. It also comes in a vinyl-wrapped enclosure with brass-plated hardware.

Quality 80%
Specs 80%
Design 85%
Price 90%
82 /100 Our Rating


  • With dynamic full range stereo speakers.
  • Lightweight and portable and could be brought anywhere you wish.
  • With eye-catching design.
  • With a vintage feel, not just on the appearance but even when it comes to the sound.
  • RCA audio enables user to connect to external speakers for a more crisp sound.
  • Portable audio ready through its auxiliary port.
  • Comes in different colors.


  • Ceramic needle is much heavier than the metal or magnetic needles which might easily damage vinyl.
  • Made most out of plastic which makes its durability questionable.

5./ Crosley CR40-RE Mini Turntable

Crosley CR40-RE Mini Turntable with Full-Range Stereo Speakers

This model is also belt-driven and plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. It also comes with auxiliary and RCA inputs. It is generally small compared to other Crosley products.

Quality 85%
Specs 80%
Design 85%
Price 90%
85 /100 Our Rating


  • Comes in dynamic full range stereo speakers.
  • Design is really retro and classic.
  • Very compact and lightweight and also small making it attractive to people who don’t want bulky product.
  • RCA and Auxiliary ports enable connection to other devices such as laptops and mobile phones.
  • Very easily to operate and good for people on the go.
  • With durable enclosure.
  • Budget friendly and costs below $100.


  • Has no bass effect, which makes the sound flat.
  • No option for battery, which means it rely heavily on AC.


Despite the cons of these turntables, all are really good choices. But if I were to choose only one, my pick would be the last on the list. Although the sound quality is not that good initially, connecting an external speaker and equalizer/amplifier may do some magic.

Also, since it is lightweight, I can carry it around with me. I only have to find a power source, which, in today’s technology, is not very hard to find. To top it off, it is very affordable at less than $100.

The Crosley Record Players are definitely attractive to people who wanted to look back to the golden era of vinyl music. This product brings some nostalgia and takes the user to the classic time when turntables are so popular.

It is great that some of the products from the past are innovated and revolutionized to fit with the modern society and make users aware that somewhere in the past, these products have been an important part of the music industry.

Although critics label Crosley record players to be quite off regarding sound quality, which might turn off a solid audiophile who most likely prefers a crisper and clearer sound, I still think that they are excellent options. With just a few external ornaments and adjustments, sound problems may significantly improve. And where can you find turntables as elegant as these?

However, you still have the control of what turntable you want to buy. I just hope this Crosley record player review was of help. If it did, please let us via the comments section or by sharing it with your friends.

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