Do You Want To Know More About Millennials Of Spotify’s And Their Partnership

Spotify has the right name in the music industry, and they had a big network among countries. They had built web with its users, artists, and other musical productions like T-series. Let’s look below to have an analysis of Spotify and its partnerships. Stats shows that artists shown interest to buy Spotify monthly listeners.

Spotify’s Target Audience

As per Spotify’s analysis, currently, 180 million people are listening to Spotify music from all over the world. Quarter amount of Spotify users are between the age group of 18 – 24. On the other hand, 72% of listeners are millennials. 50% of Spotify users listen to their favorite music regularly using smartphones. 

Spotify-generated playlist uses one-third of users playtime. Spotify is now available in 75 countries all over the world. Half of the Spotify users linked their Facebook account when signing in. There are more than 30 lakhs user-generated playlists on Spotify.   

Potential Partnerships

In India, Spotify has launched its music streaming application. Now Spotify had held their hands with T-series. T-series is a record label and Indian film production firm for  bollywood music tracks and Indi-pop music. Gulshan Kumar founded T-series. As a part of their relationship, Spotify will have access over T-series sound catalogs. Guess what? You can find Bollywood songs from T-series in Spotify. It sounds good but. 

Spotify will have library bollywood songs only after they purchase bollywood songs from T-series. Indians can fall in love with Spotify also with bollywood soundtracks. Here is a good news for Spotify artists. Drizzyapp is the helping hand for artists who wanted to become famous on Spotify

What Platforms Do Millennials Use?

Millennials considered as generation x, and they had seen and what they are seeing is very much important. We had known what they used and now have a look at what they are using. 


There are some specific platforms which we use the most. People rely on the most popular platforms, like google and youtube. There are almost 2.3 million questions asked to google for that web page will give answers to their questions. So websites are trying to be the first to make traffic to their sites. These factors fall under SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 


Some people feel that it’s better to have somebody to explain what we want, yeah!! It is also possible. If you go for YouTube. YouTube is the platform which has video and audio contents the most. In YouTube, people explain and demonstrate. You need not read websites. Search the keyword in YouTube somebody will tell or you will get video formatted content.


Buzzfeed is a growing news site with entertainment site founded by Jonah Peretti with 40 million viewers viewing viral hits a month. It has everything to make viewers happy. Buzzfeed is serving every content to grab attention.

Elite Daily:

Elite daily is the news platform for people who want to save time. Elite daily is also highly ranked in the list of popular platforms used by millennials. People also post their content and images. These features made the elite daily success platform.


Radio is considered the only medium for entertaining media before television. Radio programs, including news, songs, advertisements, essential announcements, movies, and personality speech. For millennials, radio considered as the vital media.


After the invention of television, it is considered the most used media for entertaining. Television ruled the world for many years before the invention of smartphones. Now we had everything in smartphones. Though we don’t need anything separately as smartphones served as multiple media.