Things You Need To Know About Instagram Ads

The goal of ads is to create brand awareness, traffic, sales leads, and so on. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach more audiences and increase leads. Ads are a traditional method of advertising for any kind of business. Undoubtedly ads cannot be ignored for everyone who wants to increase sales. Advertisements are one of the ways to get app installs, user engagement, conversions, sales, and Store traffic. Instagram ads contain the CTA button below the ad, so it helps followers to make the decision of purchasing or getting involved. The below are supported ad formats on Instagram, and you are the master of the appearance of your ads. All of the efforts lead to gaining more audience, so apart from ads, there are some other ways to increase your audience, try promotional services like TikViral, and to get active Instagram Likes on your account.

How To Choose Your Ad Format For Your Business?

Before getting into ads creation, defining the marketing goal is mandatory to put up your time and efforts in it. Every ad format on Instagram supports visual, but still, you need to think about the nature of ads and their level of reach. For instance, if your goal is to expand your brand awareness, For instance, if your goal is to expand your brand awareness, you can buy TikTok likes or other Instagram services from a reputed service provider. It helps you in boosting your brand’s reach. Inplace of collection ads, you can use images or video ads integrated with CTA that take your customers to a website.

But if you are about to sell products, you can use collections ad as well as a carousel ad that describes your product to the customers, and you can make your products sell your products directly by providing shoppable CTAs.  

Carousel ads can be ideal ad format to stage multiple products perfect for this as you can show users several captivating images of your products. Below are some examples of some global calls to action options, which you can use in any type of ad format. 

  1. shop now
  2. Install now
  3. sign up
  4. learn more
  5. Visit site
  6. Contact us. 

1.Image Ads

Image ads are one of the most common types of advertisements on marketing strategy, and This ad format can be used for photo promotion such as product images. Brands can take advantage of promoting images of brands, products, events, and so on. For a single image, it will appear in the square, landscape, or vertical. 

2.Carousel Ads

Carousel ad format can be considered as the father of image ad format because image ads contain single images, and carousel ads are a collection of still images where users can swipe for more images in a single ad. Instagram carousel ads are powerful ad formats on this platform. A strategic and creative approach to this ad format can be lucrative. The carousel ad format will appear in the Instagram news feed and stories as a square and vertical format. Carousel ads are the best fit for product promotion with multiple images. For instance, if you sell products such as outfits or home decors, this ad format is for you. You may need multiple images to show your products from all dimensions. 

3.Video Ads

Video ads are updated versions of the above ads with moving visuals. This ad format is ideal for product demonstration and how-to videos. Creativity and logical representation are required for all kinds of promotion processes to attract leads. The video will be displayed in a square or landscape format.

4.Story Ads

Instagram story ads will be displayed on a full-screen, it can display images and videos. If you want more details, you can tap on the stories to view the post. Recommend aspect ratio for story ads is 9:16 aspect ratio in Stories ads since this can be used in other segments such as feeds. Stories ads can fit into all visual dimensions, so you are not limited to upload videos, and you can upload images and videos that are 2 minutes in length in any dimension.

5.Collection Ads

The new type of ad format has a swipeable carousel display of photos or images, and this lets customers view multiple products within the feed and without leaving the app. This can generate. 


The above article may help you to learn more about Instagram ads and their nature. Now you can start planning your ad campaign on Instagram with this guide. Instagram marketing is a smart idea, for social media promotion offers ad-friendly features that are easy to start. Instagram can be the most effective social platform for brand promotion.