Power Acoustik Mofo 12 Vs Power Acoustik Mofo 15: Which Subwoofer Suits You Best?

There could be times when you feel like your car audio system isn't enough and needs a little push. Upgrading is the key but you've got to be extra careful which audio equipment you should add. If the lows on your speakers are what you need to enhance, subwoofers would be a perfect choice.

Determining which subwoofers to use can be an uphill task. Unless you rigorously read how to choose the best subwoofer, you'll drown yourself from overwhelming choices on the market. It's quite tough. Believe me, I've been there.​

However, to help you narrow down the options, today I've got two subwoofers that I found superb – Power Acoustik Mofo 12 and Power Acoustik Mofo 15. But, which subwoofer should you get?​


Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils
Epsilon Electronics Inc. - Wireless Phone Accessory
from $115.60
Power Acoustik MOFO-152X 15" 3000 Watt / 1400w RMS Car Subwoofer Sub MOFO152X
Epsilon Electronics Inc. - Wireless Phone Accessory
$173.38 - 10% $155.49

Last update on 2018-01-20 PST - Details



Power Acoustik Mofo 12

Power Acoustik Mofo 12

Power Acoustik MOFO 12
Power Acoustik MOFO 15


12 inches

15 inches

Voice Coil

Dual voice coil

Dual voice coil


Peak Power: 2700 watts

RMS: 1350 watts

Peak Power: 3000 watts

RMS: 1700 watts

Sound Quality

Moderate loudness with less bass; ideal for RnB, country, dance, metal, rock or rap music

Extra bass and loudness; ideal for rap, RnB, dance and techno music






Costs much higher than the other subwoofers

1./ Size

This feature is the apparent distinction between the two subwoofers. How does the size affect their performance?​

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • As posted on the product details, Power Acoustik Mofo 12 is a 12-inch competition subwoofer. A 12-inch car subwoofer is the most common size that you can find on the market and is often available if the other sizes are not. It is the preferable option among the motorists who own cars, utility sports vehicles or trucks. Due to its size, it can take up cargo and passenger space.

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • On the other hand, Power Acoustik Mofo 15 is a 15-inch competition subwoofer. The bigger the size, the higher the amount of bass production. Just like the Power Acoustik Mofo 12, few cars, trucks or utility sports vehicles are installed with these 15-inch subwoofers. However, since they are incredibly huge in size, they take up more cargo and passenger space.

2./ Voice Coil

​A voice coil can either be dual or single. This part of a subwoofer is responsible for the wirings wrapped around a cylinder known as the former. The former takes in the current from the amplifier. If you would point out the difference between the single and dual voice coils, the multiple wiring options are the main difference.

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12 is equipped with a dual voice coil which implies that the wirings are flexible and easy to connect. A dual voice coil is the most common and actually, highly recommended by most car enthusiasts as the wirings are less complicated. As the Power Acoustik Mofo 12 features dual voice coil, you can install them without any hassle.

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • You probably won’t have to bother reading this part as the Power Acoustik Mofo 15 is also equipped with a dual voice coil.

3./ Power

The power of the subwoofers can be rated with the peak or maximum power and the RMS or the measurement of the continuous power handling. Many often put their focus on the peak power but that’s not the feature you should take notice. The RMS or the continuous power output is what you should always take note of.

The higher the power is, the more pounding sound it can release. As what we have noted in our guideline about choosing the best subwoofer, the consistency of the booming sound does not rely on the peak power. And although the subwoofer indicates that the power can reach to a maximum level, does not mean you should put the power up to that extent. It only specifies that you should maintain the power on or below the maximum level or else it would blow.​

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • When it comes to the power, Power Acoustik Mofo 12 has the maximum of 2700 watts and the continuous power or RMS of 1350 watts. Though the RMS is at that level, it hits incredibly hard even at 900 RMS. It can shake the neighborhood!

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • Since they are obviously bigger in size, the maximum and continuous power are also higher. Power Acoustik Mofo 15 has a peak power of 3000 watts and the RMS of 1700 watts. I tried running these subs at around 1000 watts or under that level, but they do meet my expectations. And if you are looking for great subwoofers that would literally shake your vehicle, these won’t fail you. The power acoustic mofo 15 is undeniably a monster!

4./ Sensitivity

The optimal measurement of sensitivity should be between 89 to 95db. If it is lower than that, it may not be able to accurately turn the power into a sound and hence, can cause overheating.​

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • The Power Acoustik Mofo 12’s sensitivity is just within the optimal range – 90db. It just shows how it is capable of converting amplified power into a high-quality sound with efficient loudness. Compared to the Rockford subwoofers, these don’t only rattle the vehicle but also the ground! The boom of the bass and the loudness are just so visionary. So if you’re up for some RnB songs, Power Acoustik Mofo 12 would be great.

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • Moving over to the Mofo 15, the sensitivity is at 92db which, then again, is within the optimal sensitivity rating. It may seem to have a greater advantage because they are bigger. Well, they really do. You can expect the loudness twice as the 12-inch. But since the sensitivity is higher, the louder it is but lesser power it requires to produce the same sound output.

5./ Sound Quality

This category includes the bass, clarity, and the loudness of the subwoofers. Both have exceptional performance according to their respective features. But the question again flickers, which sound quality best suits your taste?​

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • If you are into RnB, country, dance, metal, rock or rap music, the 12-inch Power Acoustik Mofo could be the best subwoofers to replace your old ones. The bass production is impeccable though it does not dominate the overall sound quality. And because it is not all pure bass, it has the combination of the smashing and pounding sound. What’s great about it is it accurately hits the lower notes but does not use much power!

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • These subwoofers are not just massive in size but also in sound! The loudness and low frequencies are dope! You can definitely call them bass monsters as they could shake your vehicle with its extra bass. Unlike the Power Acoustik Mofo 12, the Mofo 15 is more on bass production and less with the clarity particularly on acoustics or country music. But if you want to hear the best out of it, try listening to rap, RnB, dance and techno music. You’ll get the whole neighborhood dancing!

6./ Price

You would probably agree if I say that the cost is a vital factor to consider. I know you’d nod yes even before you say it. Truly, if you’re on a tight budgeting, the price of the subwoofers you’re planning to buy is not just an easy to deal to get over with. However, you need to find the one that’s worth the price.​

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 12
  • In comparison between the two, the Power Acoustik Mofo 12 is much cheaper than the 15-inch subwoofer.

  • Power Acoustik Mofo 15
  • Because it is much bigger in size and requires more tools for setting up, the Power Acoustik Mofo 15 costs a bit higher than the 12-inch. The price tag, however, is not as hefty as you think it is and probably affordable for some car enthusiasts.

The Drawbacks

Though Power Acoustik Mofo 12 and Power Acoustik Mofo 15 both produce exceptional sound quality for the vehicles, the overall performance may not be as satisfying as for the other users. Based on how we tested the subwoofers and on the user complaints as well, we’ve listed the drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Power Acoustik Mofo 12

Power Acoustik Mofo 15

If you prefer a lot of bass, this might not be the best option. It does not produce a massive amount of bass.

Though it produces a greater amount of bass than the 12-inch, the sound response based on the clarity might not be very good.

Though these subwoofers are smaller in size, it may still consume bigger space in your vehicle.

Difficult to install; requires more tools for setting up.

Complaints regarding the quality of the subwoofers.

Costs higher than the smaller sizes of subwoofers.

The highs do not sound so well. Needs improvement.

Requires more cargo or passenger space in your vehicle.

Though I have tried it at the 900 RMS, some users expressed theirs complains about how it sounded like crap at only 700 RMS.


The negative feedback based on the various complaints from the users could be from the result of improper installation. Some had their subs blown up within months or even as soon as they had set them up. This could be an issue if the system design did not match the voice coil and impedance of the subs. However, there could also be instances where your subwoofers stopped working. If you want to know the possible reasons why they did, we’ll help you figure them out and what you can do to get them fixed.​

To avoid any problems, always make sure that your amplifier can handle the power from the subs. Check the manual for the installation and further instructions. You can also check our guideline on how to set up your subwoofers properly.


If you think the Power Acoustik Mofo 12 or Power Acoustik Mofo 15 are too big for your vehicle, we’ve got other options for you. Listed below are some of the shallow mount subwoofers that you can check out.

1./ Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount 10

Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount 10
39 Reviews
Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount 10
  • 10TW3-D4 - JL Audio 10" Dual 4-Ohm W3 Thin-Line Series Subwoofer
  • Power Handling: RMS: 100-400 watts
  • Injection molded, mica-filled polypropylene cone
  • High-roll rubber surround
  • Top-mount depth: 3-1/4"

Last update on 2018-01-20 PST - Details

If you want more bass but loudness is your priority, you can consider Jl Audio 10tw3-d4. With its sensitivity rating of 82, it has enough power to produce sound with superb loudness. As what we have mentioned earlier, 89 to 95db is the preferred sensitivity rating but take note that it applies on 12 and 15-inch subwoofers. 82 sensitivity rating would be just right for a 10-inch subwoofer.

2./ Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8' Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
91 Reviews
Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8" Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
  • 8" Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
  • Power Handling: Peak: 300 watts / RMS: 150 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 2 ohms
  • Top-mount depth: 2-11/16"
  • Frequency response: 38-250 Hz

Last update on 2018-01-20 PST - Details

If you need subs that have great extreme temperature resistance, the Rockford Fosgate might be the one that you need. It is designed with Santropene rubber that makes it quite resistant from extreme temperature. Most car enthusiasts prefer this kind of material as subs do tend to overheat. Hence, the higher the heat resistance, the better.

3./ Pioneer TSSWX2502​

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure
451 Reviews
Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure
  • Music Power (Nominal): 1,200 W (300 W) Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 200 Hz, Sensitivity (1 W/1 m): 89 dB, Impedance: Single 4Ω Tight bass from a shallow compact design, Reinforced MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone

Last update on 2018-01-20 PST - Details

For the subwoofer newbies, if you’re not yet familiar with the installation of subs in your vehicle, the Pioneer TSSWX2502 could be the best way to start. It has a preloaded enclosure which allows you to install your own subs without any hassle.​

Overall Performance: Which Subwoofer Best Suits Your Vehicle?

Picking out the best subwoofers for your vehicle needs careful planning. And if you are still contemplating between Power Acoustik Mofo 12 and Power Acoustik Mofo 15, it is much better to consider the features mentioned above and check which ones meet your needs and standards.

Power Acoustik Mofo 12 is cheaper than the 15-inch, delivers quality sound with moderate loudness and bass while the Power Acoustik Mofo 15 also keeps up with the high-quality sound but with extra bass and incredible loudness but costs a bit higher than the 12-inch.

If you have decided which subs you’d buy, tell us your experience with it!​

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